Tamar Valley Apple Juice is produced at Greenbank Farm beside The River Tamar Nr. Halton Quay St Dominic

Our apples are sourced from our own orchard and from orchards in the Tamar Valley. Apples are selected by hand and produce a high quality juice. Single and mixed variety juices are produced. Some are naturally clear and others naturally cloudy. Each case is unique so we can offer juice to suit a variety of palates.

You can buy Tamar Valley Apple Juice direct or from local retail outlets, local markets, food fairs and restaurants. There is a special case rate (12 x 75cl bottles) for wholesale suppliers.

We can also supply cases for private functions and weddings.

We offer a special service for owners of apple orchards in the Tamar Valley.
Apple juice is made for you from your own apples. Please supply good quality clean apples. These are then sorted, washed, crushed, pressed and pasteurised in 75cl bottles. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is added as an antioxidant.

Alternatively, we can crush and press the apples and collect the juice in your own containers for you to make your own cider.

Please contact us for rates and terms of business. Just look for the label:
Tamar Valley Tourism Association